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Why Alcohol Addiction is Such a Serious Matter

Alcohol addiction is extremely common, especially given the easy access at almost any convenience store. To live your best life, you should recognize that it’s crucial to heal from addiction with the help of God. Here are a few ways alcohol addiction harms you and why you should seek help to quit.

Caring for Your God-Given Body

The Bible teaches us that your body is a temple. As such, you are commanded to treat it with respect and kindness. This includes following a good diet, getting proper exercise and avoiding consuming excessive amounts of substances like alcohol that cause intoxication—and eventually disease—if not consumed in moderation. Quitting is difficult, but in the long run and with enough support from your family or a Christian organization, you can overcome your addiction to become a whole person again. God commands us to never take our gift of life for granted. He created us and the bodies that sustain us. In this way, neglecting your body through alcoholism, sloth, gluttony or any of the other worldly sins outlined in the Bible is a form of blasphemy in His eyes.

Caring for Your Neighbor

Alcoholism does not affect only the drinker. As the Good Book explains, we are all part of a community. Alcohol addiction can lead you to make decisions that can result in serious harm to others, such as drunk driving, which kills up to thirty people every day. In addition, alcohol negatively impacts decision-making and can sometimes cause rash behavior or violence in the user that they would not engage in while sober. Instances of domestic violence, for example, go up along with the rates of drinking.

Getting a Clear Head

Spirituality and sobriety go hand in hand. One of the best-known effects of alcohol—and the reason many use it—is the numbing effect of the drink. Many people who have experienced trauma or pain often resort to alcohol use because they do not have well-developed coping skills. Soldiers who come home from war with PTSD also frequently turn to alcohol for comfort. None of this means that the user is weak; life is difficult, and we all need guidance of some kind. Some turn to God and spirituality, and others, unfortunately, look to find temporary relief from their pain in a bottle of whiskey or a six-pack of beer. The difference between the two is that a deep, abiding faith can provide lasting spiritual healing that alcohol cannot.

Put Pride Aside and Seek Help

Never wait to seek help. Brothers and sisters in Christ are available to lend spiritual support in your journey to rediscover your connection to God and live a healthy, happy life. Many health providers can guide you from initial detoxification to the types of social support found in group meetings. Don’t take your gift of life for granted. A full, meaningful life in the glory of God is waiting for you.

Take charge of your life, get right with God, and find the courage to face your challenges with love and resolve. Recovery is always possible. It is never too late.

If you need help turning to God and away from your addiction, let Home of Grace help you on your journey.

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