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Resisting Temptation: Tips for Staying Sober from Opiates

If you have dealt with opiate addiction in your life and have managed to get clean, you know how big of a challenge it can be to stay clean. Addiction is something that you will likely deal with for the rest of your life, but there are many ways that you can resist the temptation to use drugs again. Living a sober life can be extremely rewarding. If you have always lived a very faith-based life, then you may feel like you have failed your faith and your God. This couldn’t be less true. Here are some commonly used tips that can help you stay sober from opiates.

Accept God’s Direction

Having some form of faith in your life will make a huge difference in the outcome of your life’s journey. If you can accept that there is a higher power, you can begin to move on from the decisions you have made in the past. You can cope with stress in a different light, and you can choose to fight your addiction how you know best. Tuning into God’s strength can give you the personal strength that you need in order to fight the ongoing temptation to use opiates again in your life.

Communicate Your Concerns

It is extremely important that the people who are close to you know what you’re dealing with. Honesty is key. You can talk to friends, family members, co-workers, doctors, therapists, clergy and support groups. Many of these people can help give you the motivation and support that you need to keep moving forward in your sober life. Having people in your life that understand your faith and live in faith each day provides a level of support you need in order to thrive. If you need to be prescribed medication for an ailment or illness, it’s important that you communicate your past addiction to a professional. You should talk to your doctor about any medicine they prescribe, not just with the medications that cause impairment.

Look for Support Outside of Your Circle

Many who struggle with addiction find that support from their loved ones is great, but they also benefit from the support that is outside their inner circle. This is especially true if there are people close to you that have used opiates or are currently using them. You can find a sponsor from a local support group that works with people that want to stay clean from their addiction. Your sponsor will check in on you periodically. They are also someone that you can call when you are finding that your temptations and cravings are starting to get the best of you. Usually, your sponsor will have gone through the same things that you have in their own life. This provides a unique perspective. If you haven’t been to church in a while, now is the perfect time to start going again. These are the people who can help guide you in your faith and with your recovery.

It’s important to use a very specific and well-rounded plan when you are trying to stay clean from opiates. This is a type of drug that is incredibly addictive. Don’t feel like you can take opiates for a medical condition during a short-term need. This is something that you’ll need to stay away from for the rest of your life. Listen to professionals and loved ones who have your best interest in mind. You can resist temptation and stay clean from opiates.

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