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How to Choose a New Career After Your Recovery

One of the most critical things to do as you’re progressing is to make a plan and path that is filled with both optimism and work towards a positive future. You’ve learned that you can be a “new creature” in Christ, and this often includes a new career! One of the amazing things about being a human is that you have an endless ability to learn and choose new pathways to make your world better. But it can seem overwhelming. How can you choose a new career, after recovery?

Pursue Education

There are lots of ways to pursue education, and the important thing is to find which way is interesting and engaging to you. Often, your local community college has certification options that can, in a few weeks, give you great options for employment. Also, your local vocational rehab can offer testing and other employment options. They might work with your local technical colleges and employers to find those who are good fits for job programs intended to get people back to work quickly after a recovery, whether from addiction, illness, or disability. Many times, the cost of these programs are governmentally covered, or covered by local business owners wanting good candidates for their work.

Get Professional Licensing

There are many industries that require you to become licensed before working. This is a good thing, because then clients and customers know they are getting someone who is well trained in their career. Your local colleges and continuing education programs will have options for varying licensing programs. Certification also gives you an additional bullet point in your resume, that you are not only educated, but committed to continuing learning!

Deciding What to Do

It’s important to consider what jobs you really have disliked, and what you disliked about them. Then, the opposite would be true of a career you might enjoy. All careers have difficult parts, but the freedom of knowing you are a survivor who can make positive changes gives you an edge. If you learn something new and don’t like it, you are brave enough to try another way. You know this, because you’ve done it!

The future can look confusing at first, when choosing a new career. But, instead, it’s full of promise. There’s not a wrong answer for your educational path, so choose a great adventure. Pretty soon, you’ll be thriving in a new vocation.

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