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From wet sand to dry land

Have you ever had one of those moments when some mundane thing that you’ve seen 1,000 times all of a sudden has a profound, life-altering, new meaning to you? I certainly hope so. That’s exactly what I experienced the other day.

My inspiration

I was thinking about the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt when something hit me like a bolt of lightning. Here is the specific verse pulled from the middle of the story, Exodus 14:15-16 15:

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving! Pick up your staff and raise your hand over the sea. Divide the water so the Israelites can walk through the middle of the sea on dry ground.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Greg, I don’t see anything in that passage that looks remotely profound.” My response? I know, right? That’s where the supernatural inspiration comes in.

God told Moses that the Israelites would walk through the parted Red Sea on DRY ground. Stay with me. If you go to the beach and watch the waves roll in and out over the sand, what do you have left? Wet sand. What would you expect of sand that had been under a sea? Wet, right? Thoroughly soaked sand. Yep. Me too.

When I was a student at Jones County Junior College, our football team played for the Juco national championship in Brunswick, Georgia. The night before the game, some friends and I decided to play tackle football on the beach. I can assure you that wet sand can be as hard as concrete.

God uses our circumstances to show His power and love

So why did God feel the need to ensure that the land the Israelites crossed on was DRY land? I believe that God was making a point. I freely admit there is some conjecture here. Although I believe it is very good conjecture, even though I am obviously biased.

Freedom from addiction!

If you see Israel as being trapped between an enemy that wants to destroy it and an obstacle preventing them from escaping, then I can see Egypt as the disease of addiction and the Red Sea as everything that prevents us from defeating addiction (shame, regret, pride, rejection, bitterness, anger, and whatever else there may be).

God does not only remove the obstacle to Israel’s escape, but he so totally removes the obstacle that there is absolutely no trace that the obstacle was ever there.

That is, freedom, complete, and total freedom.

The good news

Israel was able to walk away from the oppressive enemy with no semblance of opposition. Oh and the best part of the story is the Red Sea (the obstacle) that was meant to lead to Israel’s destruction by preventing their escape, was turned around against Egypt (the enemy trying to destroy Israel) and utterly destroyed them.

Brothers, addiction was sent from Hell to kill us all. It was meant to destroy us in every possible way. We have all been subjected to obstacles that have prevented us from escaping the enemy of addiction. But just as The Israelites we have a promise from The Living God. He says, “I will split the sea so you can walk right through, on DRY ground.” God will so utterly destroy those obstacles that have kept you in bondage for so long that you will walk away from addiction completely uninhibited.

And then the REALLY GOOD part comes.

The Really Really good news

Then you can stand witness to the obstacles that were meant to destroy you, as they destroy the enemy that has pursued you for so long. Can you imagine the joy and vindication that overwhelmed the Israelites as they watched the waves of the Red Sea swallow their enemy whole? Then there was the realization that the very same enemy that had harassed and abused them for so long……..WAS NO MORE. The enemy had no control over them anymore.

When God sets you free from the bondage that kept you in addiction, you will then be able to witness to God’s freeing power. Those still in addiction can hear your story and be set free just as you were, as I was. Then you will watch as the swept aside obstacles: bitterness, rejection, anger, regret, shame and pride (those things that God parted so you could walk away free, the evidence of your victory) are used to utterly destroy the enemy still trying to kill our brothers and sisters.

Brothers and sisters, forget trying to trudge through the miry, muddy pit. Lift up your eyes and walk out of there on DRY ground because The Living God has ordained it so.

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  1. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Greg, once again you have nailed it.

  2. Thank you, brother! Outstanding! 7 years clean and going strong–only by the grace of God!!

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