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Our History and Founder

Where it all began

In 1964, Rev. Bill Barton Sr., while pastoring a church in Pascagoula, Mississippi, took thirteen men to a Christian recovery program for alcoholics in Tallulah Falls, Georgia called the Victory Home. He became convinced God was calling him to establish a home for alcoholics in Mississippi.

Out of obedience to what he believed to be God’s will for his life, he returned home and asked eighteen men to be on the board of directors for the Home of Grace. E.H. Bacot soon donated ten acres of land nestled on the banks of Bluff Creek to the ministry. A small house trailer was also donated by C.D. and Norris Faggard.

In January 1965, even before there was electrical power, the first man entered the Home of Grace. Since that time thousands of men, women and children have been served through the ministries of the Home of Grace.

Each person who comes to the Home of Grace deserves our utmost attention and God’s intervention in their life. We thank God both for the privilege of helping those in need as well as for the faith that we will be able to serve many more even more effectively in years to come.

Rev. Bill and Jean Barton

In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine that we could dare call anyone a legend, but that’s exactly what Rev. Bill Barton is– a legend. With a vision in his heart, a few faithful friends, and God’s continual blessing, Bro. Bill and his wife, Jean, founded the Home of Grace to bring light into the darkened lives of those who struggle with addiction.

Since 1965, the Home of Grace has continued to be a light in the community. It has provided a place for men and women to seek refuge and renewal from a life of chaos and danger. The Bartons’ vision of transforming hearts in order to transform lives has remained the constant core of the Home of Grace’s success.

One of the overriding evidences that someone has a genuine relationship with our living Savior is their consistent attitude of joy and outlook on life. Bill and Jean Barton exemplified that joy and freely gave of themselves so others may find the same joy.