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About the Home of Grace

Christ-Centered Recovery Since 1965

The Home of Grace, a nationally known addiction recovery program, has helped tens of thousands of individuals battle various types of addiction. In operation since 1965, we have used hands-on experience to build an addiction recovery program filled with success stories.

Our Mission

Offering freedom from addiction through Christ-centered recovery since 1965.

Our Vision

To be the leader in successful recovery by introducing Jesus Christ as the catalyst for Hope, Healing and Quality of Life.

Residential Recovery

Our two state-of-the-art campuses offer a comfortable and secluded home. Ranging from 30 days to 12 months, our programs consist of an orientation to the Christ-centered program followed by phases that build upon one another to establish goals, responsibilities, and requirements for successful completion. Emphasis is placed on spiritual disciplines necessary for a lasting recovery and is achieved through classroom work, individual and group counseling, work therapy, and community living. 

Individual Counseling

Our counselors are certified and trained to coordinate individual counseling services, provide instruction, and monitor a client’s progression through the program. Counselors will assist in the identification of destructive thinking patterns and emotional wounds that have contributed to the client’s addiction while applying Biblical solutions. Counseling sessions are individual-focused. Counseling is geared toward an action plan necessary for success after the program while stressing a deeper understanding of God and His purpose for their lives.

Group Counseling

Clients will never be alone in their recovery. An effective key to transformation is sharing the journey with those on a similar path. This is accomplished through focus groups, phase groups, workshops, select seminars, and cottage meetings. These multi-faceted group sessions open a window of trust, build integrity, and provide encouragement and accountability.

Worship & Devotions

The principle goal of the program is to lay crucial foundations in understanding what is involved with Christian Recovery and having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This is provided through structured quiet-time and journaling, personal and corporate devotions, dynamic chapel and worship services, and special ministry events.

Classes & Workshops

After completing a week-long orientation process, clients begin a curriculum of classes including Biblical Life Application, Relapse/Recovery Skills, Emotional Healing, Developing Healthy Relationships, Parenting Skills, and Basic Life Skills including work ethic, financial recovery, and money management. Developing responsible work habits is a necessary part of an individual’s recovery. Each client is placed on daily therapeutic work assignments with the focus on developing a Christian work ethic. These work opportunities include food service, housekeeping, grounds and facility maintenance, auto mechanics, and woodworking.

Adult Education Program

A high school education, much like work, is necessary for advancing one’s life after the program. GED classes are required for all clients who do not have a high school diploma. Through partnership with educational providers, clients in need of a GED are provided on-campus instruction and tools to obtain a diploma. A computer lab provides opportunity for computer literacy skills.

Our Values

8 Personal Prayers

  1. Prayer – Inspire prayer to be my first response, not last resort.
  2. Scripture – Guide my motives and actions based on Your holy truths.
  3. Humility – Remind me that I am in no less need of Grace than those I serve.
  4. Calling – Direct me to live out my purpose with which I have been uniquely equipped.
  5. Health – Help me to glorify You with my mind and body.
  6. Mentorship – Motivate me to teach and to be taught.
  7. Stewardship – In years of plenty, teach me modesty and generosity. In years of famine, teach me patience and generosity, still.
  8. Sabbath – Allow me to rest in Your provision, reflect in worship, and delight in Your good pleasure.


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